Book Reports

Book Reports will be completed each month. The due dates can be found on the class calendar. Students should choose a book that is at their reading level. The book should be around 200 pages. Take time to find a book you will enjoy reading! Below, you will find the genre for each month.

September – MN Historical Figure; Google Slide Show: Due October 16th

October – Tuck Everlasting Class Novel

November – Historical Fiction; Quilt Book Report: Due January 16th

December – Christmas Children Story: Due December 15th

January – Small Group Novel Study Report (book and group assigned in class); Realistic Fiction; Tic-Tac-Toe Book Report: Due February 16th

February -Bronze Bow Class Novel

March – Science Fiction/Fantasy Diorama Book Report: Due April

April – Mystery Book Review: Due May 15th

May – Charlotte Doyle Class Novel